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Michelle and Les Moore

Michelle and Les Moore

Michelle and Les Moore – Ex-Pharmaceutical Scientists and Alternative Health Experts

My name is Michelle Moore, and my husband Les and I are passionate about educating and informing people about the truth on how to be naturally infection-free, and most importantly, what it takes to achieve it. It has taken us many years and many missteps along the way to learn many of these truths, and I’m sure we’ll keep on learning as we go along (that’s us in our back yard).

However, when it comes to infections and diseases, most health care systems and doctors only address the symptoms of disease. They don’t actually address the root cause of disease.

We help people learn that covering up symptoms does not create real health. And this holds very true when it comes to resolving MRSA and Staph infections.

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I struggled with resistant Staph for 4 years

My interest in MRSA began when I worked for a major pharmaceutical company as a Microbiologist. For a number of years I worked in the laboratory doing medical research on many kinds of bacteria, including Staph aureus. Later I became a consultant, teaching pharmaceutical companies how to be compliant with the biological regulations of the FDA.

From 1997 to 2001, I was being prescribed numerous doses of many kinds of antibiotics. I took them because, like everyone else, that’s what my doctor told me to do. I struggled with recurring Staph infections that often lead to secondary bacterial and viral infections. My energy and overall health began to deteriorate as the prescribed antibiotics wreaked havoc with my digestion and immune systems.

Because of my weakened immune system, I became sick easily and frequently, often losing time from work. I was miserable and sick and tired of the cycle of infections, drugs, and more infections and could see no real solution in site. I began my search to uncover a better way to deal with my infections and what I discovered changed my life.

And what I discovered changed my husband’s life too. Les is a Chemist, and has spent many years researching different drug products in the pharmaceutical industry. He himself used to rely on many different drug products to control pain and inflammation. After seeing my discoveries in health, he followed what I had started.

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We’ve both seen first-hand the effects of both pharmaceutical drugs and antibiotics versus following natural and effective ways to achieve real health. Happily, we have made our transition from relying upon pharmaceuticals to a “new” path. We are now both happier and healthier than we ever have been. *

Radio interviews

KRFC Radio InterviewLes and I were interviewed about the growing issue of MRSA and Staph by Dr. Judi Gerstung D.C. on her popular health talk radio show on KRFC 88.9 FM. You can hear an excerpt of this interview by going to our interview page here.

Helping others with honesty and integrity

Embrace Health Inc BBB Business Review

In 2002 we started our first natural health business, and we’ve helped thousands of people use natural and effective techniques to support their very best health. Later on, we officially incorporated as Embrace Health, Inc. Our educational resources have well over 28,000 satisfied and healthier customers in 58 countries since 2008.

We became accredited with the Better Business Bureau as it’s been getting harder to know who to trust online today, especially in matters as important as health.

The BBB logo helps you know what businesses strive for excellence when it comes to honesty, integrity, trust, transparency (we are who we say we are), responsiveness, truth in advertising and honoring our promises.

What we learned on our journey to health has created major improvements in the lives of thousands of people. If you haven’t yet, please sign up for our free report as it will help answer many questions you may have, regardless of the treatment path you want to follow. Click this link to get this vital information on MRSA and Staph now. *

Supporting Our Health Freedom and More

We think the ability to find out about positive health choices is essential to every person. That’s one reason we created this web site and wrote our programs. However, we also think that the freedom to make our own health choices is a right every person should have. Unfortunately, that’s not entirely true here in the USA.
Organic Consumers Association

Institute for Responsible Technology

Alliance for Natural Health

Therefore, a portion of our proceeds from our book sales go to support of the Alliance for Natural Health, Institute for Responsible Technology (IRT) and the Organic Consumers Association (OCA). These organizations advocate and campaign for changes in health freedom in the US and around the world.
We also help support several different ministries throughout the year that provide uplifting messages of hope and healing. We believe that there is a force much greater than ourselves, and that it can support healing in our bodies and in our lives.

We wish you well on your own journey to health.

Michelle and Les Moore

* Testimonial Disclaimer: Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. Testimonials are often exceptional results and don’t apply to the average person. As all health issues have inherent risk, our information and testimonials are not intended to infer or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Click here for our full testimonial and results disclaimer.

Medical Disclaimer: Michelle Moore is not a doctor or healthcare practitioner, but she is someone who overcame many health obstacles that traditional medicine could not solve. This information is based upon Michelle Moore’s scientific research, education and personal experience and it is for educational purposes only. Information in this web site has not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

This information is not intended as medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician with any questions you may have regarding any medical condition. When choosing a healthcare provider do your own research to ensure they are right for you.

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