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“My husband is so much better!!”

“Thank you, Thank you, so much for your book and all your hard work informing us how to deal with these infections, my husband is so much better!!” *

– Iva, Kalona, IA, USA

“His doctor couldn’t believe it.”

“My husband, who turns 74 next month, developed a severe and life threatening staph infection following surgery. He spent over a month in the hospital receiving around-the-clock infusions of strong antibiotics. They were able to lower his sed rate from over 100 to a number in the 20s. However, he plateaued and then the number started rising again. It was at that point that I ordered your book. We immediately started following your recommendations. After a week his sed rate dropped to four! His doctor couldn’t believe it.” *

– Deborah, Pasadena CA, USA

“Your book has become like a bible to our family…”

“My family has suffered from re-occurring staph infections. We have been at the mercy of the vicious cycle of antibiotics but we are getting free now thanks to you! I am thrilled with the results of the herbal product you recommended. My daughter has had several infections this summer and I decided to treat it topically as well as internally. The infection cleared within a few days!” *

– Megan and Family, Florida, USA

“My daughter can now go to school and not be in any pain.”

“I’ve used the antimicrobial blend on my child and myself and it took about 2 days to work. It’s been five months now and so far my daughter who is now 3 and myself have not gotten anymore boils. Thank you again for your book and helping people like my daughter and myself when the doctors could not.” *

– Melissa M., Kaneohe, Hawaii, USA

“I bought your book and am thrilled with it. I tell everyone about it.”

“My 95 year old mom had a terrible skin infection on her face. Antibiotics would not clear it up – they made her weaker. I used two of the remedies in your book and it was cleared up, not to return, in three days. She then got a bladder infection. I used one of the essential oils and it was cleared up in three days. I can’t thank you enough for your lifesaving advice.” *

– Alice, Pueblo CO, USA

“Your book saved us.”

“I gave MRSA to my daughter and she gave it to my husband and it nearly killed him. He was admitted for nearly 3 weeks. Your book saved us. I feel like MRSA had ruined me until I found this book. You’re an amazing person, so educated, talented, caring, you’re an information highway and you should be honored by President Obama with an award.” *

– DD, Des Plaines, IL, USA

“This mom and dad are so grateful to you…”

“Our son has had four hip surgeries in three years. After the third surgery, he began having Staph infections. He begin having diarrhea and digestive issues… all the while having been on antibiotics. Last fall he started to have more severe abscesses. That is when I found your website… and hope. I downloaded your book and started on your protocol. He has had NO recurrence of ANY boils or abscesses or major pimples of any kind. He is one happy camper!

I have been extremely impressed with the customer support you provide with your emails, interviews, and web seminars. Staph is a scary thing, and this mom and dad are so grateful to you for arming us with a potent weapon to fight it. Tank you again… and again!” *

– Lora, TX USA

“Your book saved my life and my quality of life!”

“When my son got MRSA, I was devastated. I also got MRSA 8 years ago. I went through 10 days of IV antibiotics and it still did not go away. This book, to me, is like a bible to follow for your health. It is worth its weight in gold, and I highly recommend it to all! I am doing very well, and am in full remission. Many thanks for the book!” *

– Karen B., Temecula, CA, USA

“I can now hold my grandchildren again.”

“I got MRSA near the nail bed of my left index finger. Incredible pain and anxiety were my constant companion. Your wonderful book saved my sanity and gave me all the knowledge I needed and a balanced perspective. The worst part was never being able to hold my grandchildren again for fear of infecting them. Then in September, my doctor did a nose swab test and the results were negative for MRSA. I now allow myself the thrill of holding my grandchildren. Thank you and God bless you for your work!” *

– Mary M., Albuquerque, NM, USA


It’s your right to be healthy and not live in fear of infections.

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