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How Do You Treat MRSA and Staph?

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Antibiotics are the mainstay conventional treatment for MRSA and Staph. But there are excellent complementary and natural treatment options that few people ever hear about, including medicinal herbal blends. Few also hear about the many side effects and major downsides of the antibiotics they take.

If you just got diagnosed with MRSA or Staph, or if you have a loved one who’s infected, the pages outlined below will give you the knowledge you need to find the best treatment and get better results from the health care system. You’ll also see how to recognize and avoid the treatment mistakes that are common with these infections.

What are the best treatments for Staph and MRSA?


Antibiotic drugs

Conventional treatments usually involve taking oral or IV antibiotics. However, choosing the best antibiotic for MRSA can be very challenging because of antibiotic resistance. On the other hand, effective antibiotics for Staph infection can be a easier to prescribe. Getting tested if you think you have Staph or MRSA is important so your doctor can choose the best antibiotic for your infection.


Wound and skin care

Other common conventional Staph and MRSA treatments include topical ointments, disinfecting baths and lancing and draining of boils. The type and duration of treatment vary depending on where the infection is on your body (skin, internal, etc), and how severe it is. One of the biggest drawbacks of conventional medicine is its poor track record of preventing recurring infections, which is a very common and frustrating problem.


Complementary and natural remedies

Another approach for treating Staph and MRSA is holistic medicine, which can consist of many different types of remedies used alone of with antibiotics. Which alternatives are best depends on where the infection is and how severe it is among other things. One of the biggest benefits of complementary medicine is that it can help with the common problem of recurring infections.


Holistic healthcare

Alternative medicine can be used successfully along with antibiotics and conventional medicine. There are pros and cons to each approach, but they can be used together holistically with great results. However, you probably won’t hear about alternatives from your doctor, but for many people they make the difference between life and death.


If your treatments stop working

Dealing with Staph or MRSA that recurs can be a very frustrating, tiring and scary. Michelle has been there herself and it took her over 4 years to stop her recurring Staph infections. Her goal is to support you in getting MRSA or Staph under control so you can stop your outbreak without worry of it returning.

Look to the left for the blue navigation bar for our “Treatment Links” to help you find out more about the best treatment options. You’ll also see what you can do if your antibiotic treatments have stopped working.


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